This page is designed to help you Identify who printed your Cloth map

Clues to your map's origin, usually, lie along the edges,
atop the sheet, or in the corners. Sometimes sheets have
both a corner identifier and a title. Sheets can be single
or double sided. US sheets are pre-treated with a special
chemical to reduce fraying. RAF and RAF Post War sheets
have either a hemmed edge or a heat  sealed edge.

**Luftwaffe Oil Cloth sheets are not included in this website.

Does your sheet have numbering, like either of these three examples,
in a corner of your  sheet?

Does your sheet say NACI-HO  along one edge?

Does your map have a Capital letter   or Capital letter and Number
combination in one corner, usually the  lower left corner?

Does your sheet have a Large Capital  Letter like this?

Does your sheet have a Number-letter  or Number-Letter-Letter  or even Letter-Number in one corner?

Is your sheet fragile and generally gray or dark gray in color?
Does it mention  "Heliozincographed"  in the lower right hand corner?

Is your sheet single sided and have maybe 2 or 3 colors on it, with Black
being the prominent color?

Does your sheet say USAF  along the middle top edge or have a graphic
like this in one corner?

Does your sheet look like THIS  and have upper left and right corners like these?


If none of the above examples of identification resemble your sheet,
please Contact with a description and if possible a scan or
digital photo of your map?