Known AAF Cloth Maps: (38)


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Road Map of W Africa

AAF Cloth Map: Mediterranean Series (2 sheets)
No. 4 Tyrol / No. 6 Balkans
No. 7 Balkans / No. 8 Mediterranean France

AAF Cloth Map: SW Pacific Area (6 sheets)
No. 16 Owen Stanley, New Guinea / No. 17 New Britain
No. 18 Papua, New Guinea / No. 19 Nassau, New Guinea
No. 20 Ambonia, New Guinea / No. 21 Halmahera, Moluccas
No. 22 SW Java- No. 25 Timor / No. 26 E Java
No. 23  N Celebes /  No. 24 S Celebes
No. 27 Mindang-Lae-Wau / 28 Wewak-Mandane-Mt. Hagan, New Guinea

AAF Cloth Map: Asiatic Series (4 sheets)
No. 30 S Burma / 31 N Burma
No. 32 French Indo China / 33 Central China
No. 34 SE China / 35 NE China
No. 34 SE China / 40 Luzon Island

AAF Cloth Map: Central Asia (1 sheet)
No. 36 Central East Asia

AAF Cloth Map: Philippine Series (4 sheets)
C-41 Mindoro Island / C-42 Samar Island
C-43 Mindanao Island / C-44 North Borneo
C-45 E Borneo / C-46 W Borneo
C-47 S Borneo / C-48 W Java

AAF Cloth Map: Miscellaneous Series (6 sheets)
C-50 British and French Guiana / C-51 NE Brazil
C-52 Japan & S China Seas / C-53 E China Seas
C-133 E Kunming, China to Chabua, India / W Kunming, China to Chabua, India
C-384 Wei River / C-495 Omei Mountain
C-800 We Island / C-920 Nias Island
C-859 Penang Island / C-860 Bintan Island

AAF Cloth Map: Eastern Asia Series (13 Sheets)

NI52 Nagasaki / NH52 kagoshima
NH52 Nagasaki / NI 54 Tokyo
NK53 Kanazawa / NI54 Tokyo
NI53 Osaka / NI54 Tokyo
NJ50 Pei-Ping / NJ51 Ryojun
NJ53 Kanazawa / NJ54 Sendai
NJ53 Kanazawa / NL52 Harbin
NK50 Jehol / NK51 Shen-Yang
NK52 Vladivostok / NJ 52 Keijo
NK53 Vladimiro-Aleksandrovshoye / NL54 Otomari
NK54 Hakodate / NK55 Nemuro
NL50 Buir Nor / NL51 Tsitsishar, China
NL52 Harbin / NL53 Spassk-Dal’Niy