NACI-HO (Naval Air Combat Intelligence-Hydrographic Office): (14)

Variants exist-some with seasonal currents, some without, some with both seasons on each side.

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S12 / S12 Western Pacific
S12-11 Gilbert IslandsS12-8 Ellice Islands
S12-12 S E Hawaiian islandsS12-14 Upper Line Islands
S12-9 & 26 Fiji & Tonga IslandsS12-20 & 16 New Hebrides & Loyalty Islands
S12-19 Marshall IslandsS-12-2 Eastern Caroline Islands
S12-29 & 22 Union Group & Samoa IslandS12-21 Pheonix Islands
S12-17 MarianasS12-2-36 Central Caroline Islands
S7B-8-1 Bonin IslandS7B-9-4 Okinawa Shima & Parece Vela
S12-23 & 25 SE Solomons & Santa CruzS12-1 & 25 Bismark Arch. & NW New Guinea
S12-1-1 Admiralty Island & NW Bismark ArchS8A-10-1 N Central New Guinea
S12-19 Marshall IslandsS12-2-32 E Caroline Islands
S12-2-20 Palau Island & NW New GuineaS12-2-40 W Caroline Islands
S-8B-3 Luzon & Taiwan IslandS-8B-4 Mindanao, Philippine Islands
OPNAV 16-V #S109 (Instruction sheet for NACI-HO maps) - this sheet is SINGLE SIDED