This page identifies RAF cloth maps of WW2

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    Maps with a "43" or "44"  along an edge and a large single letter somewhere
    along the edge are part of  sheets, printed in 1943, covering the European Theater.
    The "44" series covers the Far East.

    If your sheet has a single capital letter or a capital letter followed by a number,
    you also have an RAF sheet. There are about seventy three sheets in this series.
    Variants of the same sheet exist, as do many combinations.

    If your sheet has a letter followed by a number or a number followed by a capital
    letter then a lower case letter, more than likely you have an Air Ministry sheet.
    There are ten different sheets in the main Air Ministry Series. The Air Ministry maps
    have a  subset, commonly referred to as Air Ministry Miniatures, because of their size
    and are at 1:250,000 scale in eight colors. There are 73 sheets in this subset.
    The Miniatures are all single sided. Several of the main Air Ministry sheets are double sided.