This page identifies Post World War Two
RAF and USAF Cloth Charts

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        Post war US sheets were printed for the Air Force, from 1947 to 1951.
        There are nineteen sheets in this series. Each sheet has a graphic in the lower
        righthand corner showing wherein the sheet lies. Each sheet is identified by
        a CL followed by a two to three digit number. Map coverage in this series starts
        at the North pole and covers down to the equator. The 19th sheet is at 1:500,000
        scale and covers Korea.

        Post war RAF sheets were printed as updates to WW2 data.
        There are as many as 56 different sheets in this series. Print dates
        range from 1951-1957. One of these sheets was re-issued for use
        in the Gulf War (Baghdad/Basra). Sheets cover all of Europe,
        N Africa, and the Far East. These sheets have heat sealed edges.